If you have a tendency to judge yourself when you feel ‘emotional’ or simply go fight or flight on people when they’re communicating their feelings…. The following information might not be for you.

Emotions produce feelings. Emotions are energy in motion.

We all have been conditioned to avoid our feelings and to assume that anything to do with emotions is just too complicated to deal with. There is a subtle but not-so-positive connotation attached to it. We are poorly cultured in the overbearing impact that emotions and feelings have in our life, especially when it comes down to knowing the most important person: Yourself.

For those looking for answers, know this: Emotion is a key.

It opens a portal of communication with your spiritual self, it guides you to experience awakening and ultimately creates a shift of frequency which allows manifestations to take place. In hypnotherapy, the critical mind is a part of the conscious mind which determines what information is released to the subconscious and what information is discarded (forgotten), this logical mind does not register the change of frequency, it does not understand the manifestation process.

Emotions help us decode non-physical realities because our spiritual body and our emotional body are interconnected, just like our physical and mental bodies. One does not have to actually think before taking a breath or giving a step.

When we are able to synchronize our emotional and spiritual bodies the same way our mental and physical bodies are coordinated, then manifestation would be just as natural as breathing or walking. 

That is the beautiful complexity of our multidimensional selves, the possibilities are endless when we understand that we are not limited to our physical body/aspect but that it is only one of the many aspects of who we are, and when we connect with other aspects of our being we raise our energetic frequency, we create avenues to manifestation.

Nowadays people are afraid to feel, to love, to fall in love because they don’t want to be hurt, so they associate love with suffering – how bizarre!

Why then do we feel such discomfort when our feelings aren’t validated, understood or appreciated? Because pain has its purpose, pain is only one of many avenues we use to test ourselves to comprehend the range of our capabilities. We endure painful experiences in order to feel. Pain instigates feeling, which is necessary to gain awareness, which is why repressed emotions often manifest as physical symptoms. All emotions lead to an answer, if we disengage from our emotional body we are unable to heal or transcend, isn’t it time then to become friends with our emotions, to love our feelings, and let them come through so we can experience more of who we really are.

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