One of the most challenging aspects of life is coping with trauma which manifests in varying degrees for each individual. We could almost say that trauma is tailored to fit specifically to our unique life path and it feels this way since it has everything to do with how we all experience and perceive life through our own idiosyncrasies. 

Trauma can be understood as a chain reaction of secondary trigger events which have their roots in a primary experience that altered our mind state. Now, our state of mind can be altered in 2 ways (generally speaking): By inducing a person into a deep level of relaxation or by inducing fear.

Sigmund Freud’s work: ‘Repetition Compulsion’, studies the phenomena of trauma transferring and repetition, using hypnosis in the early stages as a method to guide his patients to recall the past, revealing hidden facts from consciousness that can help trace the origin of their trauma.

“…The ideal kind of recollection of the past which belongs to hypnosis is indeed a condition in which resistance is completely abrogated (let go, released). If the treatment begins under the auspices of a mild and unpronounced positive transference, it makes an unearthing of memories like that in hypnosis possible, to begin with, while the symptoms themselves are for the time quiescent; if then, as the analysis proceeds, this transference becomes hostile or unduly intense, consequently necessitating repression, remembering immediately gives way to expression in action…

As an example, someone who struggles with self-worth will often have outbursts of repressed faulty thoughts which manifest in insecurities that need to be soothed by their significant other. This pattern will eventually create a heavy load in their relationship causing it to potentially break and despite this result, the pattern tendency is yet to unconsciously repeat with another potential partner. Freud described the pattern repetition as an attempt from the unconscious mind to reconstruct the unresolved.

We learn either through love or trauma and in the event of trauma our cells will register information associated with the feelings and responses learned as self-defense mechanisms. Our fight or flight impulse is triggered at the slightest hint of threat creating a reaction. The information from the distressing factors is stored at a cellular level in its raw form which then is passed on to the next generations who would get to experience the effects without being able to pinpoint the cause. For example, irrational fears or phobias, patterns of widowhood amongst female family members, or absenteeism from the men may have their origin beyond our time and experiences. It is no mere happenstance that there exists a shared underlying factor.

So, if you are undergoing the rippling effects of something that is too difficult to process, don’t expect it to simply fade away or disappear. Understand that these get stored in our subconscious and will eventually resurface since anything that remains unconscious, will manifest as destiny until it gets resolved. Hypnotherapy is a pathway and opportunity for healing. It brings you right back into the heart of the unwanted situation and enables you to reframe the experience while providing awareness as a key to unlocking the healing process to unburden yourself and your lineage. It is up to you to ultimately bring healing and end the cycle.

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